Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The PC isn't dead, it's just gone 'ultramobile'

This article in USA Today, written by Carol Kopp, caught my attention because I am thinking of getting a desktop PC at home to use as a workstation. I still have my laptop which is good for most of my surfing and presenting. Even with a 64bit processor and operating system 4 MB of RAM is not enough to do some tasks I’d like to play with.

OK, so my laptop is a little old. There are some laptops with 8MB capability and a core i5, but how long till that’s not enough. At least with a desktop I can do some upgrades as needed and afforded.

This ultramoble has my interest. I think I’m going to have to wait till they come out in the Fall and take a serious look and see how they compete for power with a desktop workstation.

My questions to you folks, how many still use or prefer a desktop for your serious work? Have you found a laptop that competes in both power and price? Since I haven’t gone the direction of the tablet yet, what have tasks you found to be limited on tablet that can be done easier or faster on a desktop?


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